Sinictex is a professional manufacturer of superior quality webbing for light to heavy industrial applications and supplies to global manufacturers who convert our webbing into the final end-use applications. We weave and sew high quality webbing and custom webbing at favorable price, here provide one stop service to save your cost and time, please contact us for more details.

 Some of our main product types are as listed below(mil spec webbing, nylon webbing, UHMWPE webbing, polyester webbing, eco friendly webbing, cotton webbing, rope, tactical belts, pet leash, etc.), or you can view all to filter for your specific needs.

Our webbing products are used in various industries, such as climbing, furniture manufacturing, automobile safety, auto racing, towing, parachuting, military apparel, load securing, etc. We sincerely welcome partners from all walks of life to visit, investigate and negotiate business.

The core of our organizational values is a customer-centric approach. In addition to maintaining the highest quality and safety standards, we also strive to exceed customer expectations by continuously pursuing excellent service.

Wholesale Webbing


Sinictex Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in webbing and assembly since 2010 and is a well-qualified manufacturer in the textile industry.

Our aim is to stand by your side and produce products according to your requirements. Our main products are UHMWPE webbing, nylon webbing, military webbing, Eco-friendly webbing, polyester webbing, pet textile products, etc. Basic yarn materials are polyester, polypropylene, RPET, nylon, UHMWPE, cotton and other technical yarns.

As a well-known webbing manufacturer, sinictex uses advanced production equipment and technology to integrate superior resources to meet market demand and professionally guarantee the high standards of sinictex products from a technical level.


Are you looking for custom webbing? Do you need wholesale webbing? Then you have come to the right place. At sinictex, we offer the largest selection of webbing types and styles on the internet to suit almost any need. Whether you need webbing for industrial, recreational, DIY projects, tactical or outdoor applications, you'll find a specific type of webbing for the field. Our webbing is woven from premium raw materials of Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene and comes in a variety of styles such as ribbon, tubular, mil-spec and seat belt narrow weave. Each type and style has its own unique properties, which is very suitable for your specific application, we provide free samples for customers around the world, welcome to consult.

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